Sunday, September 25, 2011

Life aboard ship

Besides its passengers and crew, the Ship Ann carried sheep, hogs, ducks, geese, and several dogs. The ship was probably crowded with all the people and their animals and belongings. The ship stopped in Madeira to take on five barrels of wine to go along with the ten barrels of Alderman Parson’s best beer already on board. The food was salted pork and peas or dried beef and sweet pudding. Bread and hard cider were served with meals. There were few fresh vegetables other than carrots and onions. Fish were caught and cooked whenever possible.

Only two deaths were reported among the colonists on the trip, both of them babies. The passengers spent their days playing games, talking together, and planning what they would do when the voyage was over. Finally, land was sighted, and the Ann docked at Charleston, South Carolina. The ship stayed in Charleston one day, then went to Port Royal (Beaufort), South Carolina, on January 14, 1733.

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