Sunday, September 25, 2011

Finally! Landed in America

Before the Ann left Beaufort, Oglethorpe had to make friends with the Yamacraw Indians and their chief, Tomochichi. Oglethorpe went to the trading post in the Yamacraw village to find a translator. The trading post was operated by John Musgrove and his wife Mary, who was part Native American and part British. Oglethorpe offered John Musgrove about 100 British pounds a year to translate between the Yamacraw and settlers. John agreed to act as a translator, but Mary soon took over for him. With Mary’s help, Oglethorpe and Chief Tomochichi established a close friendship that lasted until the chief’s death in 1739. The South Carolina colonists, delighted to have new neighbors, loaded the ship with barrels of rice, a hundred cows, thirty hogs, sheep, and oxen and 2,000 British pounds. One South Carolinian, Mr. Hume, even sent along a silver baby spoon to honor the first child born in the new colony.

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